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200 câu Answer Short Question (ASQ) Có Tỷ Lệ Ra Thi Cao

by Mrs. Nikky Hồ
200 câu Answer Short Question (ASQ) Có Tỷ Lệ Ra Thi Cao

Bộ tủ đề PTE Answer Short Question (ASQ) gồm 200 câu là một tài liệu hữu ích để bạn chuẩn bị cho phần thi ASQ trong PTE. Phần thi ASQ yêu cầu bạn trả lời một câu hỏi ngắn bằng một câu trả lời ngắn. Điều này đòi hỏi bạn phải có khả năng lắng nghe hiểu và có kiến thức đa dạng để trả lời các câu hỏi ngắn gọn và chính xác.
Bộ tủ đề này chứa 200 câu hỏi ASQ được thu thập từ các đề thi thực tế và được cập nhật định kỳ trên phần mềm PTE.Tools. Việc làm quen với các loại câu hỏi và cách trả lời chúng sẽ giúp bạn tự tin hơn khi tham gia vào phần thi ASQ.

200 câu Answer Short Question (ASQ) Có Tỷ Lệ Ra Thi Cao

200 câu Answer Short Question (ASQ) Có Tỷ Lệ Ra Thi Cao

Hãy tận dụng tài liệu này để luyện tập và nâng cao kỹ năng của mình trong phần thi ASQ của PTE

50 câu Answer Short Question hay gặp nhất trong đề thi PTE

Trong danh sách các câu ASQ mà Helper team lấy được, câu từ 365 – 415 là hay gặp nhất trong đề thi thật, các bạn lưu về học nhé.

365 What does ice become when you heat it? Water
366 What adjective is opposite to Plural? Singular
367 What is the antonym of predecessor? Successor
368 On a computer, what is Times New Roman an example of? Font
369 What is three quarters expressed as a percentage? 75%
370 Which field of study uses the periodic table? Chemistry
371 Paper manufacturing results in the destruction of what natural resource? Wood
372 What is the name of the punctuation mark that shows the end of a sentence? Period / Full stop
373 What is the term for two siblings who are born from one mother at the same time? Twin
374 Is plastic or paper easier to recycle? Paper
375 What is the word for book that someone writes in order to tell the story of their own life? Autobiography
376 From where in the universe do we get solar energy? The Sun
377 Kilograms, ounces, tons and stones are types of units to measure what? Weight
378 What do you call a university student who has not yet attained a degree? Undergraduate
379 In what household appliance do you store perishables? Refrigerator
380 If something is irreparable, what could no one do to it? Repair
381 If the temperature is falling, is it increasing or decreasing? Decreasing
382 A new lecture is arriving later this week on Wednesday. If today is Tuesday, when will they arrive? Today, Tomorrow or Next week? Tomorrow
383 What is the term for the political line that separates two nations? Border
384 Which of the following represents a strong economy? High unemployment or Low unemployment? Low unemployment
385 What do people use to see distant stars and planets? Telescope
386 Which part of the body controls your thoughts? Brain
387 In a job interview, would nice candidates try to appear enthusiastic, lazy, or confused? Enthusiastic
388 which potentially hazardous activity involving the inhalation of tobacco products is widely discouraged by doctors? Smoking
389 What type of coastal building warns sailors of dangerous coasts? Lighthouse
390 How many years is equivalent to the passage of a decade? 10 years
391 What is the term for the money people pay to the government to support public services? Tax
392 What is the name of the title of the main article in a newspaper, often in large letters and bold print? Headline
393 Is money that you owe an asset or a debt? Debt
394 What building on campus can you borrow books from? Library
395 Which reference book would you use if you need to know the definition of a word? Dictionary
396 Do anthologists study people, birds, clocks, or poetry? Poetry
397 Is a greater choice available in a supermarket or a corner store? Supermarket
398 What is the name for a set of instructions on how to prepare and cook particular food? Recipe
399 Which of the following is not a real form of transportation, high speed train, art car, or airplane? Art car
400 Do you store liquid in a bottle or a safe? Bottle
401 How many sides does a pentagon have? 5
402 Is the journal more like a printer or a book? Book
403 What’s a suitable snack for a vegetarian? A roast beef sandwich or some fruit salad? Fruit salad
404 Is the term Fisher or Fracture more likely to be used to describe a broken bone? Fracture
405 What material is normally used to make windows and light bulbs? Glass
406 What do we call a specialist medical doctor who performs operations? Surgeon
407 Is solar energy or oil a renewable energy source? Solar energy
408 What is the name for the remains of an animal or plant preserved in rock? Fossil
409 If you have a toothache, would you visit a surgeon or a dentist? Dentist
410 Which kind of printed paper is published on a daily basis that is used to tell people about current events? Newspaper
411 What do we call the vehicle taking injured people to hospital in emergencies? Ambulance
412 Which of our senses do these words relate to: hairy, smooth, rough? Touch
413 Where is a water-skiing school most likely to be located? In an outlying village or a coastal town? Coastal Town
414 Is cycling, horse riding or driving a human powered form of transport? Cycling
415 What household electronic devices used to wake someone up in the morning? Alarm clock

150 câu Answer Short Question tủ PTE khác

1 A business doesn’t want to make a loss – what does it want to make? Profit
2 A doctor who can sell prescribed medicines? Pharmacist / Chemist
3 A document protecting people’s works? Patent/Copyright
4 A famous canal links the Mediterranean Sea with the Indian Ocean, is it the Corinth or Suez Canal? Suez Canal
5 A list of events placed in time order is usually described as what? A chronology /a Timeline
6 A manufacturing process releases poisonous gases. What is the most important safety measure for workers at this plant – ensuring good ventilation, or appropriate footwear? Ventilation
7 A picture of a globe is shown) what is this field of study? Geology
8 A specialist who repairs leaking water pipes is called ? Plumber
9 Animals with white ivory and long trunk ? Elephant
10 At what ceremony do students receive their degree or diploma at the end of their period of study? Graduation
11 Cherries and Apples are under which category? Fruits
12 Computer, telephone and typewriter, which one is first invented? Typewriter
13 Despite all the advances and qualities of sexes, would more men or women play professional football? More men
14 From where can you have a full view of a building, the outside, inside or top? The outside
15 Historians use evidence to draw conclusions about the past, would a contemporary artist’s painting of an ancient battle be an original source or secondary source? Secondary source
16 How do butterflies fly? Flutter
17 How do you call the person who faces you? Judge
18 How do you call the pointing device that is connected to the computer? Mouse
19 How do you call the seasonal flying of birds from cold to warmer areas? Mitigation or migration? Migration
20 How do you describe the desert? Humid or dry? Dry
21 How many alphabets are there in English? 26
22 How many countries are involved in a mutual agreement? Two
23 How many days added in February during a leap year? One day
24 How many days are in a leap year? 366
25 How many days in a fortnight? 14 days
26 How many days in a week? 7 days
27 How many months are in a year? Twelve
28 How many people are there in a quartet? Four
29 How many seasons are there in a year? Four
30 How many sides are there in a bilateral agreement? Two
31 How many years are there in a decade? 10 years
32 How many years are there in a millennium? 1000 years
33 How many years does a centennial celebrates? 100 years
34 How many years does it take to finish undergraduate study? Three or four years
35 How much per cent is three quarters? 75%
36 How would most people travel to work each day, in big cities like Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York? By public transportation/Public Transport/By Car/By Metro
37 How would you call people who study ancient bones, rocks and plants? Archaeologist
38 How would you describe an economy that is largely based on farming? Agricultural
39 If a button has come off a shirt, what would someone most likely use to put it back on? Needle and thread
40 If a coat had a stain on it, where would you take it? Dry cleaner’s
41 If a figure is hexagonal, how many sides does it have? Six
42 If a figure is pentagon, how many sides does it have? Five
43 If a person is doing an experiment, what would he wear to protect his eyes? Glasses / goggles
44 If someone is feeling ill, they will say “I am feeling under the “? Weather
45 If someone lives in an urban area, where do they live? City / Town
46 If something is not expensive, what do we say it is? Cheap
47 If something such as fabric or medicine is artificially made, what do we say it is? Synthetic
48 If telescopes are used to locate distant objects, what instrument is employed to magnify miniscule objects? Microscope
49 If there are 8 black balls and 1 white ball, and I randomly pick one, which color is mostly likely to be picked? Black
50 If you are feeling ‘fed up’, is it a positive or negative feeling? A negative feeling
51 If you don’t feel like eating, what do we say you don’t have? Appetite
52 If you have a toothache, who would you go to? Dentist
53 If you want to buy a ring, who do you approach, a jeweler or pharmacist? Jeweler
54 In a recession, does economic activity increase or slow down? Slow down
55 In business and advertising, what does PR stand for? Public Relations
56 In medical terms, are antibodies harmful or beneficial for patients? Beneficial
57 In most universities, there are two ways of being assessed, one is orally, and the other is through? Written assignments
58 In the animal kingdom, is the purpose of camouflage to attract a mate, to find food or to hide? To hide
59 In which century was the automobile manufactured on a large scale? 20th Century
60 In which direction does the Sun arise from? East
61 In which room of their home would someone usually wash their clothes? Laundry
62 In which season would people be least likely to go snow skiing? In summer
63 In which subject would you learn gravity? Physics or chemistry? Physics
64 Jane and Peter have three children, they are 4,13 and 15 years old, they only have one son who is the youngest child, how old is their middle child? 13 years old
65 In the sentence: “He has been quite upset since he went back to school.” Which word uses a past tense? Went
66 Name a city in the U.S.? New York / Washington / Boston
67 Name a country located in North America? The United States of America / Canada
68 Name a country located in the Southern hemisphere Australia / New Zealand etc
69 Name a month that falls between September and November October
70 Name the month that falls between April and June May
71 On what geographical location would someone be living if their country is surrounded by water on all side? Island
72 How does a pedestrian travel? By foot / by walking
73 Picture (people holding a certificate) what is in the man’s hand? Certificate
74 Profit means gain or loss? Gain
75 Some calendars begin the week on Sunday, what is the other day which commonly starts a week? Monday
76 The instructions that tell you how to cook food? Recipe
77 The job title for someone who cooks food in a kitchen to? Chef
78 The large island just off the coast of mainland Europe is the home to which country? The United Kingdom
79 The name of the building where you can borrow books? Library
80 The opposite direction of southwest in a compass is? Northeast
81 The people who protect the public from criminals are called? Police
82 There are two main ways to pay for goods bought in a shop, one is by cash, and the other is by? Credit card
83 There are two types of sporting contests: one is amateur; and other is _? Professional
84 This work is due for submission, one month from 15th June. On what date is it to be submitted? 15th July
85 To cross over from one side of the river to another without using boat, what is usually required? Bridge
86 To improve their health and fitness, most people either try to improve their diet or? Do more physical exercise
87 To which of our sense do all of the following words relate, opaque, vivid, brilliant, shiny? Vision
88 What appliance do people use to keep their food cool and prevent it from spoiling? Fridge
89 What are the people that plant food, raise crop commonly known as? Farmers
90 What are the things that hens lay? Eggs
91 What are they wearing to protect their eyes? Goggles
92 What are winter, spring, summer and autumn? Seasons
93 What can be added to a drink to cool it down on a hot day? Ice
94 What crime has someone stealing from a shop committed? Shoplifting
95 What desk should you go to when you first arrive to stay at a hotel? Reception/Check-in
96 What do dermatologist specialize in? Skin
97 What do ophthalmologist specialize in? Eyes
98 What do ornithologists study, humans, birds or machines? Birds
99 What do people wear if they can’t see very well? Glasses / contact lenses
100 What do we call a book that contains lots of words with their meanings? Dictionary
101 What do we call a company or organization that gives money to a sports or arts event in exchange for advertising? Sponsor
102 What do we call a period of 100 years? Century
103 What do we call a period of 1000 years? Millennium
104 What do we call a picture that doctors take to see inside our body? X-ray
105 What do we call the alphabetical list, at the end of the book that tells you where to find specific information? Index
106 What do we call the date a piece of work must be finish by? Deadline / Due date
107 What do we call the first meal of the day? Breakfast
108 What do we call the list of steps, which tells you to put something together? Instructions
109 What do we call the organ in our chest that we need to breath? Lungs
110 What do we call the study of living things? Biology / Ecology
111 What do we call the time before noon? Morning
112 What do you call a list in front of a book which outlines the structure of a book? Table of Contents
113 What do you call a person that can’t hear? Deaf
114 What do you call a piece of equipment we use to look at stars? Astronomical telescope
115 What do you call a very long essay, that students have to write for a doctor degree? Thesis or dissertation
116 What do you call an apartment that is below ground level – a basement apartment or a penthouse apartment? A basement apartment
117 What do you call an equipment we use to look at stars? Telescope
118 What do you call the document that tells your qualification and work experience? CV, curriculum vitae, resume
119 What do you call the middle of something? Center
120 What do you call the number of people living in a specific area? Population
121 What do you call the strap that circulates a person in a car or an aeroplane? Seatbelt
122 What do you need to see thing which are far away? Binoculars
123 What do you use to test the body temperature? Thermometer
124 What does a king or queen wear on their head at official ceremonies? Crown
125 What does a Sundial measure? Time
126 What does ASAP mean? As soon as possible
127 What does it mean by “fortnight”? 14 days
128 What is the difference between a wristwatch and a clock? The size
129 What does this symbol stand for? Copyright
130 What emergency service is called at sea? Coastguard
131 What features do pianos and computers have in common? Keyboard
132 What kind of movement of the Sun can be seen during dawn? Sunrise
133 What instrument do you use for long distance learning? Computer
134 What instrument would you use to examine very small life forms? Microscope
135 What is three quarters of 100%? 75%
136 What do you call a painting of a person’s head? Portrait
137 What is a person that belongs to an organization called? Member
138 What is a series of events that happen in your mind while you are sleeping? Dream
139 What is a violent conflict between two or more countries? War
140 What is alphabetical list at the end of books? Index
141 What is hematology related to? Blood
142 What is it called when two or more people are speaking to each other? Conversation
143 What is more fuel-efficient, car or truck? Car
144 What is one half of 100%? 50%
145 How do you call someone that cannot see? Blind
146 What is the antonym of vertical? Horizontal
147 What is the big musical instrument that has 88 black and white keys? Piano
148 What is the chemical name of Gold – Mg, Au or O2? Au
149 What is the collective term for cows and bulls, especially on the farm? Cattle
150 What is the day that someone is born? Birthday

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