[Tủ PTE] Đề thi mô tả ảnh Describe Image và đáp án phần 2

Tiếp nối phần 1 PTE Describe Image được rất nhiều bạn quan tâm, PTE Online xin chia sẻ với các bạn phần 2 bộ đề thi và đáp án phần mô tả ảnh Describe Image của PTE để các bạn tha hồ luyện tập nhé.

Lưu ý: Đáp án ở đây chỉ mang tính tham khảo vì mỗi người có thể chọn một cách mô tả khác nhau sao cho phù hợp với khả năng và thói quen của mình. Thông thường, cách tốt nhất là luyện tập theo 1 template mà bạn đã khá nhuyễn. Để biết cách luyện phần thi mô tả ảnh của PTE theo template, bạn tham khảo bài viết Bí quyết max điểm phần mô tả ảnh Describe Image của PTE

Answer – This image represents the process of osmoregulation in sharks. To maintain the water and salt concentrations inside the body, the shark ingests salts with food. The water is absorbed by gills and skin, the gills also function to block the loss of urea. The most of the urea is retained by kidneys and leftover salts are excreted as urine by rectal gland. In conclusion, the osmoregulation maintains 35% salinity in the blood which is equal to the seawater sun ounding the shark.

Answer – The pie chart represents the proportion of post secondary degrees awarded during year 1997 and 98. The highest degree were awarded for first professionals at 47%. It is followed by associate’s degree at 27%, 20% degrees were awarded for students who completed master’s while smallest proportion was for bachelor’s and doctoral degree programs. In conclusion highest number of degrees were awarded for first professionals while the lowest numbers of degrees were awarded for candidates who completed their doctoral degree program.

Answer –This image represents the issue of space and economic inequality in the developing nations. On the left side of image there is a slum area with small houses built in an unregulated manner. The small houses are built in congestion and it clearly lacks transportation roads and space for recreational activities. On the other hand, on the right hand side there is a multistorey building with each flat having access to a balcony and sunlight. In addition, there is a common play ground and swimming pool. In conclusion, the multistorey buildings have solved the problem of space in overpopulated countries.

Answer – This pie chart compares various web browsers according to their usage in percentage. Firefox is liked by almost 40% of the users, while the internet explorer and Chrome are second and third respectively. Very least proportion of people use Opera and Safari. In conclusion, Firefox was the most popular while Opera browser was the least favorite among the Europeans.

Answer – These two images compare the old and improved design of a bird feeder. The bird feeder mainly consists of a suspended plastic bottle on a tree branch with a rope attachment on the top. In the first structure there are wooden pencils inserted in the bottle to make a platform for the birds to sit during feeding. The newly improved design replaces those wooden pencils with flat head wooden sticks, which holds the grains for the birds to feed efficiently. In conclusion, the Improved design would prevent the wastage of grains and it looks bird friendly,

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Answer – This flow chart represents the process of making paper from radiata pine thinnings. Firstly, a debarking drum is used to get the bark off the wooden logs. Secondly, a chipper is used to cut down the wooden logs into small chips. Thirdly, water is used in a thermomechanical refiner to refine the usable material. Finally, the papermaking machine is used to make paper. In conclusion, this process seems to be very lucrative to make high-quality paper.

Answer – This image represents the formula for a 100% wellbeing of any person. The pillars of this pyramid are exercise and sleep, while nutrition is at the pinnacle. It is suggested that a proper balance between nutrition, exercise and sleep are essential for a 100% wellbeing. In conclusion, it seems that nutrition, sleep and exercise are interdependent and this is the formula for living a healthy life.

Answer – This image represents the stopping distance of a car as soon as a driver spots a hazard. The stopping distance is divided into reaction distance and braking distance. The distance between hazard detection and braking is known as reaction distance, while between braking and car standing still is called braking distance. In conclusion, a reaction distance can be reduced by an alert driver, and braking distance is reduced by a good breaking mechanism.

Answer – This pie chart represents how students pay for their college. More than 50% of students get the costs covered by financial aid, while almost a quarter of them get a student loan. About 19% of the students manage to get grants. A small number of them, at 3%, do a part-time work to pay for their tuition fees. In conclusion, majority of the students rely on financial aid, while very few number of students rely on their part-time work, to pay for their educational costs.

Answer – This image represents the structure of the Great Pyramid of Giza. This triangular structure has height of 146 meters and the base is 230 meters wide. The entrance is at the bottom and leads first to a grand gallery and then to queens chamber. The king’s chamber is at the top of the queen’s chamber and has a stepped construction at the back. There is a ventilation shaft on the top and it passes through 30 meter long void structure. In conclusion, this famous pyramid looks simple but has a complex structure.

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